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AwYcIgMDate: Tuesday, 2014-11-18, 0:44 AM | Message # 91
Group: Gäste

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MichaelTuhDate: Tuesday, 2014-11-18, 1:59 AM | Message # 92
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stacieki60Date: Tuesday, 2014-11-18, 8:55 AM | Message # 93
Group: Gäste

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yxasozdjdcDate: Tuesday, 2014-11-18, 9:36 AM | Message # 94
Group: Gäste

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There are zillions of resources out there that will teach you self hypnosis. I know of no perfect, great one, but read skeptically, don't pay overmuch attention to details and theories, read widely, and you'll soon pick up the gist (it's an intuitive thing more than a rote learning thing). Then it's just a matter of trying it on yourself.

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Hello Courtney! Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing this valuable insight with me. I completely hear you and can appreciate your career background and community wisdom. My communities were born of a lot of hard work and consistency. A person may be angry with himself for not doing more, with the deceased for abandoning him, or with the doctors for not healing the deceased. He might be angry with the driver of the car who accidentally caused the death, or a left behind child who now needs care. They may feel remorse or wish that they had done things differently.

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EmmettTumDate: Tuesday, 2014-11-18, 1:22 PM | Message # 95
Group: Gäste

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RussellkiDate: Tuesday, 2014-11-18, 2:30 PM | Message # 96
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ArozahagDate: Tuesday, 2014-11-18, 7:47 PM | Message # 97
Group: Gäste

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RaymondNareDate: Thursday, 2014-11-20, 5:31 AM | Message # 98
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scoorrojeniDate: Thursday, 2014-11-20, 6:17 PM | Message # 99
Group: Gäste

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WilliamjemsDate: Thursday, 2014-11-20, 7:11 PM | Message # 100
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michaelld1Date: Thursday, 2014-11-20, 11:03 PM | Message # 101
Group: Gäste

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AigogadDate: Friday, 2014-11-21, 5:36 AM | Message # 102
Group: Gäste

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RicardolagDate: Sunday, 2014-11-23, 5:15 AM | Message # 103
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aNopyuncop43Date: Sunday, 2014-11-23, 9:25 AM | Message # 104
Group: Gäste

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WalterPhepDate: Monday, 2014-11-24, 8:17 AM | Message # 105
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